And So it Begins . . .

Before it all starts

Well butter my biscuit and dip me in gravy, we are building ourselves a farm! Cheeky southern lingo aside, we are indeed strapping ourselves in to the roller coaster that is know as home construction. Yikes.

I love roller coasters. I love the speed. I love the drops. I love the upside-down, sideways-twist, make-you-regret-the-corn-dog loops. What I hate is that defining moment as you’re sitting in the beast and you click the harness into place. In that instant you suddently realize “Oh my God, what have I just done?” (Sir, oh sir? Do you mind? I seemed to be strapped into this roller coaster and I think I’ve made a mistake. No really, get me out. Whaddya mean you can’t, the boss isn’t even looking. Just do it! I swear, if you push that button . . .)

Well, the ink wasn’t even dry on the loan papers and I felt the whoosh of a mach 3 loop-de-loop. But we’ve waited in line for what seems like ages to be on this ride and darn it, it’ll be worth every moment.

Just steer clear of the corn dogs.


Day one – real live construction

Hey look, it’s almost a house . . .

Day one was bright and sunny and the guys are preparing for the footers.

Day two – first rain delay.

Corn dog and wine STAT! Actually, just the wine will do.

Day two – the first rain delay

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  1. Anonymous

    Jen, I didn’t know you bought land (I’m assuming by Dana, based on the COTH thread), but I will be following your blog diligently, as I, too, have bought land (off Lake Bay) and we will also be starting construction soon! Hope you don’t mind if I pick your brain during the process…good luck and your house looks lovely! Love that fireplace pic. ~ Kim

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