This is why I get nothing done . . .

I run a pretty tight ship around here, at least that’s the way it exists in the mythical land of Jen’s Brain. 

By my clock, it should take me 20 minutes to clean the stalls, 15 minutes to rinse and fill the water troughs, 45 minutes to drag the fields, and 5 minutes to sweep up. That equals 1 hour and 30 minutes. Tops.

Here’s how it really goes down . . .

I’ve got a neighbor’s pig in my garage:

The cats have claimed the Gator:

The chickens are “supervising”:

The horses are “helping”:
And the juvenile delinquent is obsessed with his stick:
“Mom, throw the stick”
“Mom, PLEASE throw the stick”
“Mom, mom, mom . . . um . . . what was I saying?”
Suddenly 5 hours have gone by and I’m left scratching my head wondering how it all got away from me. At least now I can get on.
Cotton says I should’ve stuck with the geldings
At least I have a good support system in place:
My Red Solo Cup family
Ah, life on a farm. You just never know what will happen from day to day.
Gotta run, I think I hear an armadillo.

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