Ups and Downs and a new logo

The Ups:

Longleaf Pines Horse Trials was such a blast. I’m very late posting about it, but . . . (insert lame excuse here). It was just my 2nd Prelim and it made me feel like Xena, Warrior Princess. Coby was, as usual, a XC machine. He is such a confidence builder. He gets so excited for the course that I almost can’t get him in the start box for all of his frat-boy antics. The entire show went really well. We understand each other so much better now and we went around like champs. Just a couple seconds behind time to add 2.4 points to our dressage.

Sailing over the oxer
Corner? No problem.

The Downs:

It’s been nearly 4 weeks since the crash. I was wondering why I was still having so much pain in my foot so I asked one of the podiatrists to take a peek at it under the mini c-arm machine at work. It turns out it is broken in 4 places instead of the originally thought 2. My 2nd, 3rd, and possibly 4th metatarsal heads are cracked like little dominos in a line. It doesn’t really change anything, but it sure explains the pain. I was so looking forward to our run at Full Gallop a couple of weeks ago, now I have my sights set on the end of August for a trip to Aiken.

Life is full of surprises: the good ones, the bad ones, the ones that make you scratch your head and go “huh?” I have to admit I’m losing my sense of humor over this whole thing. That woman left the scene not knowing if I was dead or alive. That saddens me. In a time when movies about torture and glorified violence pass as entertainment, when parents are afraid to let their kids play at the park, when global warming is old news next to global bombing, and when “smart” cars would lose a fair fight to a tricycle, I cling to the one thing that should endure all: human kindness. Caring enough to help an old lady load her groceries, letting someone else take the last space in the elevator, givingĀ an honest smile to someone that just needs to know they’re not alone.

It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Sometimes I feel like I’m wearing a Milk-Bone bra.

The Logo:

But enough postulating. May I now proudly present (bum-de-de-bum!) the new logo:

Don’t you just love it!!!!!!

More soon.

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